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Marin Chiclana

Flamenco dancer dolls and dolls in regional costumes manufactured by the spanish doll company Marin.
Founded in 1928 by Mr. José Marin in Chiclana (Cadiz)

12 Products in Marin Chiclana

Spanish bullfighting doll holding cape and lance
Spanish Lagarterana doll with jug
Spanish 'Lagarterana' doll with tag
Spanish regional doll 'Canaria' doll
Spanish regional doll 'Canaria Las Palmas' doll
Spanish 'Malaguena' doll
Spanish Mallorquina doll with pair of castanets
Spanish Murciano doll holding stick
Spanish Valenciana doll with flower basket
Spanish Valenciana doll with flower basket
Spanish Mallorquina & Mallorquin dolls
Spanish dolls with fan

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