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German dolls by Hedler

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These dolls are handmade artist dolls from the 1970's, by doll manufacturer Hedler in Arnstadt, East Germany (former DDR). Many Hedler dolls were inspired by the dolls of the miniature town 'Mon Plaisir' of Princess Auguste Dorothea of Schwarzburg-Arnstadt (1666–1751).

A marquis with his wife. A noble couple or royalty. They have cloth over wire frame bodies, stockinette faces. Their eyes are tiny black beads, eyebrows and eyelashes are painted on, their mouths are stitched on. They have cut-out leather hands. The ladie has no legs, just a cone-shaped lower body stuffed with cloth. Some signs of ageing; the plastic basket has discolored and there is wear to the lace of the skirt. The male has one sleeve with red staining on it.

Size in cm: 22 & 20
Condition: Average
Material: Cloth over wire
Brand/Maker: Hedler
Mark/Label: None
Year: 1970's
Quantity: 2
Weight in gr (incl. packing) : 225

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