Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we ship worldwide. You can choose your destination country during the checkout process. The shopsystem will automatically calculate shippingcost accordingly and add it to the total amount. We always send by registered mail which means your parcel is insured and can be traced. You will be provided with your parcel's barcode so you can follow the status online and you'll know when to expect it for delivery.
I have a credit or visa card that I want to use to pay, can you deduct the amount directly from my card and do I have to provide you with my cardnumber?
Yes, you can use your debit or creditcard to pay but we cannot and will not charge it directly.  All card payments must be safely made through Paypal or Skrill. Poppentopper.com never asks for your cardnumber or any other financial information. In case a problem occurs with you card payment you have to contact your cardcompany or Paypal or Skrill for a solution.

How can I save on shippingcosts?
We ship from The Netherlands. We only charge actual shippingcosts depending on the weight of your package and your destination. The calculated rate always covers a package weighing between 0 and 2 kg to start with. So this means you pay the same amount for let's say a box of 400 gr as well as for a box of 2 kg maximum. On average a box of 0-2 kg can contain 8 to 10 small lightweight dolls or 4 to 5 larger sized heavier dolls, therefore poppentopper.com advises you to order multiple dolls in the same shipment (rather than purchasing them individually) to keep shipping affordable.

I want to buy an item and pay later?
A short time of lay-away can be discussed but only if you are a returning customer. We will reserve the item for you for the period of time we both agreed upon until you are ready to pay. The item(s) you want to purchase will still be visible in the shop but will have the status 'Reserved' and cannot be put in the shoppingcart while they are on hold.
How do I know that you got my order?
You will receive an orderconfirmation from poppentopper.com by email immediately after placing an order. You will also receive an email from Paypal or Skrill to confirm payment was made. In case you payed but did not receive an orderconfirmation from poppentopper.com please contact us.
How will I know when my item was shipped?
You will receive an email confirming the day of shipment. You will also be provided with your parcel's barcode so you can follow the status online and you'll know when to expect it for delivery.
Where is my shoppingcart and how do I add items to it?
The shoppingcart is always available at the bottom of the screen. It opens by one mouseclick so you can view, add or delete your items any time. Items can be added by dragging and dropping them to the shopping panel or using the 'Add to Cart' button.
What does it mean when an item is 'Reserved', I can't put it in my shoppingcart?
This means the item is sold or on hold but still waiting for payment.

Is it possible to see the dolls in person before ordering?
No, that is not possible. We are an onlineshop only, which means we do not have a showroom or a physical store location. If you need to know more about an item we can provide you with extra photos or information to help you decide.

I'm not fully satisfied with my purchase, what can I do?
First of all we strive keep our customers happy so please contact us by email before anything else. We're sure we will work something out.

Is it possible to cancel my order?
All products which you buy under a distance contract (in this case online or by email) are subject to a right to cancel. This is a 'cooling off period' of 7 working days during which you are entitled to cancel the purchase. The cost of returning an item will not be refunded.

I'm looking for a particular doll but I can't find it in your store?
We might have it in stock so you can always let us know what you are looking for.
Do you not only sell dolls but buy them as well?
Yes, we get our dolls from various sources. We are particularly interested in larger collections but we are very picky!
I inherited a doll or dollcollection, can you tell me more about it in terms of value?
Poppentopper.com loves to tell you where you doll is from or point you in the right direction but we are not appraisers. Value is a difficult thing to advise in. What a doll is worth depends on different things like age, condition, brand/maker, 'the current market' and whether it is hard to find or not. Sentimental value can be also of importance.

I'm working for a magazine, museum, schoolproject or study and I'm looking for info and pictures of national costume dolls, can you help?
Sure, we'd love to! Please visit our private website www.nationalcostumedolls.com. Or contact us by email dollcollection@hotmail.com
If you still can't find the anwer you're looking for please contact us.

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